Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rooky Cops.

O.K. as we all know I am a truck driver. Yes I have a C.D.L. I have taken special test and training to drive a tractor trailer. I make a living buy driving my truck up and down the high ways and buy ways. I hear a lot of drivers out there on my C.B. radio talking about how Ohio is so hard on trucks. They really hate driving threw our state because of this. I get so tired of this. I mean come on most of the police out their and the D.O.T officers are just doing there job trying to keep the roads safe. There doing there jobs and I'm doing mine, Its just I get caught doing mine some times. If you were a truck driver you would know what I mean. Yes I do break the law from time to time. Some times its driving over weight. ( I'm allowed to hall 80000 lbs sometimes I'm over weight.) Some times I speed. Yes I admit I do this. Its the name of the game. I don't speed excessively. I try to stay around 60 - 63 no faster. A lot of times you can get away with this. "I AM NOT SAYING ITS OK TO DO. SO DON'T DO IT. ITS JUST WHAT I DO." OK so that's out of the way.
Over the years I have met a lot of cops. some really nice people. Also some really big jerks to. Lets take to day for example. I was traveling down Highway 77 south today"YES I WAS DOING 62 MILES AN HOUR I ADMIT THAT." Just north of Highway 30. I was caught by a Canton city police officer. I was pooled over. Now I explained to this GENTLEMAN , lets cal him Officer Douche Bagg for the purpose of this story. I told him yes I was speeding according to my GPS unit I was indeed doing about 61-62 MPH I admit this. Now Officer Douche Bagg explain how I was going much faster than this. He told me he clocked me doing 67 mph the first time then he clocked me again at 65 mph. I was also loosing some wood chips out the back of my trailer. Witch I probably was. I explained to him I was going by my GPS unit because my speedometer was not working properly. Hes said that's all fine just give me you license and registration. O.K. I'm thinking at this point maybe he understands. At the most he would knock it down to the 61-62 mph. Now I admit I was doing this. I got caught I will own up to it. I UNDER STAND. I BROKE THE LAW. Now when Officer Douche Bagg comes back to my truck he explains that I will get a warning on the insecure load, and the 2 bad tires on my truck (they are almost brand new. with over half there tread left.), and the inoperable speedometer.(witch is an out of service violation.) But he is going to sight me for doing "67 MPH" in a 55 mph zone. I say to Officer Douche Bagg that Bogess. I admit doing as much as 62 but not 67. He tels me well driver(in a sarcastic voice.) that if I want to I can fight this if I think I need to but you will probably half to take the day off won't you. Yea no crap. Now I know he knows he has me between a rock and a hard place. I could tell he had to be fresh out of the academy most likly only on the job a couple of days. All he saw was OOOHHHHH BBOOOYYY!!!!!!! I got myself a Big Truck. and thats all she wrought. Now I know I was in the wrong speeding. But he did not half to be a Douche Bagg about it and jack up the speed and in turn my fine. But he did. This is the tipe of Officers that give all the cops a bad name. So if your in Canton Ohio Watch you butt and be safe out there. Thank you for your time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Why are people in such a Rush. Every morning I see the same people out on the road in a great big hurry to get to work. Its the same thing every morning. They drive as fast as they can and stop in the same place because traffic is backed up. I just don't understand why they are in such a big hurry to get to the place they hate the most"WORK". If they would just leave 5 minuets sooner there would not be such a jam on the road. I know if every one did this there would be the same thing only 5 minuets sooner. But you know as well as I do not every one will do this. Maybe only half of them would and think about it if only half the cars were their it would not be so bad. My goodness people just take it easy. Leave a Little bit earlier and see what happens. Just set your alarm clock 10 minuets sooner and see what happens.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The new Pres.

OK I'm new at this so give me a break. I herd today that our president plans to bring our boys home from Iraq within 18 months. Awesome, I think. I mean, come on now 18 months. Don't get me wrong I want them home as bad as the next guy. But do you really think they can come home within 18 months. Give me a break, I think that is too soon. The Iraqi government could not take care of it self now what makes you think they can in 18 months. Yes I know they knead to step up and take care of there own and let us get on with our life's. But if we bring our troops home to soon then what we have done and the men and women who have died already have died for nothing. I know Barak Obama Has good intentions but I think its too soon. Let our Boys and Girls do there job and when its done bring them home.
That all I got to say for now.
Thank you for your time.
Larry "Viper" Winterborne